Dogs are nannies. What are they like?
How do you imagine nanny dogs? Some will answer that these are wise dogs that partially assume the functions of parents, help in raising and caring for the child, protect…

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Dog training
Dog training is not just a fascinating process of interaction between the owner and the pet, but also a necessity, because the dog (especially the medium and large) must know…

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How to bathe a puppy?
Depending on the size and your desire, you can wash your puppy in the bathroom or basin. The water level should not be too high. It is enough that it…

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Dog Heart Failure

Cardiovascular disease in dogs (heart failure, CVD) is a serious problem that leaves its mark on quality and life expectancy. What symptoms indicate an ailment, what causes the occurrence, what is the basis for treatment and prevention?

Conventionally, cardiovascular diseases are divided into three groups:

– congenital,

– hereditary,

– acquired.

Congenital pathologies are extremely rare, hereditary ones are already more common, and, finally, acquired ones make up the widest group.

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How to wean a dog to jump on the owner?

Everyone likes it when a dog cheerfully greets him from work. But if a four-legged friend shows excessive emotionality and strives to literally jump into the hands of the owner or put his front paws on his shoulders, the situation takes on an unpleasant connotation. Not only clothes, but also the person himself can suffer from such manifestations of feelings (imagine how the Great Dane jumps into your arms). In addition, in the world of intelligent dogs, this behavior is considered bad manners. That is why many people ask themselves: how to wean a dog from jumping on people?

Fortunately, in practice, weaning a pet from this habit is not difficult at all. The main thing: patience, systematic and friendly perseverance. At the same time, it is not so important how old the animal, puppy or adult dog is. The methods of exposure in both cases will be approximately the same.

The first thing you should do is to block your personal space from a four-legged friend. Watch the pets playing together on the court. When meeting, they do not jump on each other. Continue reading

10 steps to successfully raising a dog

How to educate a dog and teach her basic commands? – Each responsible owner asks himself this question. But before you go directly to education and training, you should ask yourself another question: how to explain to the pet that he should obey you and what exactly you are the master of in the house?

The key to any successful upbringing and training is a properly built relationship between the owner and the pet. And if at first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in this, then in practice dogs often demonstrate impenetrable stubbornness and stubbornly refuse to obey. The fact is that the dog is a pack animal, and it is common for it to look for a leader in society. Some breeds gladly give the palm to a man, but others, naturally endowed with an independent and dominant character, can long test the owner for strength, claiming first place without false modesty.

It is very important to timely identify the position and convey to the dog that it is her who should follow you, and not you after her, otherwise you run the risk of raising a wayward pet that will behave as it pleases and traditionally ignore the commands of family members. Continue reading

How to wean a dog to jump on the bed?
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Diabetes in dogs
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How to teach a dog to swim?
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Master, can I eat a Christmas tree?
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