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How many times a day do you need to feed a dog?

On the basics of feeding a person’s best friends.

No matter what quality food you choose for your dog, it will not bring tangible benefits if you do not adhere to the rules of feeding. Let’s talk about them in our article.

Proper feeding is not only a high-quality diet, but also compliance with the norms in terms of volume and number of servings per day, as well as a number of other nuances. For example, if you have chosen the ideal dry food for your dog, but do not follow the norms of feeding or mix natural products with a prepared diet, the pet cannot digest problems. It is no secret that proper nutrition is the key to health. Learning to feed a pet correctly!

What food to feed a dog: basic rules
Choose a full-ration balanced feed of a super premium class that matches the characteristics of your pet. For example, if you have a large breed, it is suitable for large individuals, etc. For animals that are prone to allergies or with any diseases, it’s ideal not to use classic, but functional foods aimed at combating the problem. Choose a suitable option will help a veterinarian.
Do not mix dry food and prepared foods in one diet. This is a direct path to an imbalance in the body and disruptions in the digestive system.
It is recommended to combine them strictly in accordance with the feeding norms given on the packaging. Read more about this in the article “Is it possible to combine wet and dry food?”.
Strictly adhere to the feeding rate indicated on the package. Overeating and malnutrition are dangerous for the dog.
It is necessary to feed the pet at the same time, after a walk.
The bowl should always have clean fresh water.
If you are a supporter of natural nutrition, in no case should you feed the dog delicacies from the table: any salty, pepper, spicy, smoked, fatty and sweet foods. Human food is not suitable, you will have to cook food separately from your lunch. Natural food for a pet is high-quality meat (mainly beef), cereals and dairy products.
Food should be at room temperature.
How many times a day do I need to feed an adult dog?
It is customary to feed two-month-old puppies 6 times a day, but as they grow, the number of feeds decreases. An adult dog needs to eat only 1-2 times a day. This is the optimal number of servings for proper development.

Serving Size

Depends on the age and size of the pet. If you feed it with ready-made diets, adhere to the feeding rate indicated on the package.

It will also be useful to consult with the responsible breeder of your breed, he will talk in more detail about how to feed the dog.

The optimal serving for an adult pet is the one with which it is managed in a few minutes. Normally, after eating, the animal licks the bowl and leaves it calmly. If the pet continues to lick the bowl and revolve around it, the portion needs to be increased. If food remains in it, on the contrary, reduce it.

What kind of food to feed the dog?
Ready foods or organic foods? This choice is facing every owner. In practice, more and more dog breeders are choosing the first option, and this is not surprising. With the natural type of feeding, it is difficult to achieve the necessary balance of nutrients, while the composition of high-quality finished feed includes everything that a pet needs daily. In addition, finished feeds do not require time for cooking, it is convenient and economical.

The choice is yours!

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