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Winter is coming, or How to prevent a dog from freezing?

In the autumn and winter months, the dog’s health needs to be taken care of even more. Sudden changes in temperature, rains, frosts, drafts at home – all this can weaken the immune system and make the body defenseless against many diseases. How to help your pet cope with the weather and keep it healthy?

What do you dream about when you run away on business on a frosty morning? Perhaps a cup of hot cocoa and a cozy rug? Your dog dreams of the same thing! Only instead of cocoa – a treat, and instead of a blanket – a warm, comfortable bed.

A lounger should be in every house where there is a dog. Its presence is especially relevant in the autumn and winter, when the heating has not yet been switched on or the batteries are warming badly, and drafts are walking around the house.

Contrary to stereotypes, a special bed for a dog is not an excess, but a necessity. A properly selected bed not only gives the pet a good sleep, but also:

protects against drafts and colds;
prevents cystitis;
provides prevention of arthrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints;
prevents the formation of ulnar corns, which inevitably appear in a dog if it regularly lies on a hard surface.
Of course, for lack of an alternative, the dog can sleep on the bare floor. But a bare floor or even a thin rug will not warm the dog in the cold period and will not protect it from drafts. Namely, drafts most often lead to the occurrence of such “sticking” diseases such as cystitis.

How to prevent a dog from freezing?

Loungers can solve all these problems: due to a special warm material, convenient shape and high sides that do not allow drafts. In the case of puppies, “high-breasted” loungers generally become a real salvation: warm soft sides give the kids a sense of protection, as if they were still under mom’s side. So puppies get used to a new place more easily, sleep better and do not disturb the owners at night.

In pet stores you can find a huge number of couches for every taste of the owner and for any characteristics of the dog. About what criteria to be guided by when choosing a model, read the article “Bed for a dog: why is it?”. And to further facilitate your choice, we give examples of popular models!

Top 5 dog beds
Midwest Ombre Plush Swirl Bed
Imagine how plush ultra-soft material is pleasant to the touch … Your dog will definitely like it! This bed is easy to fold and wash (including a washing machine). Suitable for floors with any coating, non-slip. The special material creates a comfortable temperature for the animal in the summer and winter.

Fur bed mat Profleece
This bed is popular not only because of its nice design, but also because of its versatility. It can be used as a sleeping place, as a litter in a car for a comfortable trip with a pet, as well as for accustoming to the cage and raising puppies. The practical material easily passes moisture, and the surface of the bed always remains dry and clean – just put a diaper under it! The stove bench is easily twisted into a roll, it can be washed and vacuum cleaned. A simple solution for all occasions!

Fleece Bed Pet Bed Midwest
Forget that white is easy to get dirty! In practice, it is much more practical than dark and looks spectacular even when the dog molts. Elegant couch fits perfectly into any interior, easy to clean. But most importantly, these are sweet and serene dreams that plush ultra-soft material gives the pet. On such a couch as on a cloud!

Plush bench Midwest
Ideal choice for puppies and adult dogs of small and medium breeds. Cozy sides, plush surface and artificial sheepskin filling – you can only dream of such a “bed”! The stove bench reliably protects from cold and drafts, fits into any interior, is easy to fold and transport.

Fashion Midwest.jpg
Micro Terry Midwest Plush Bed
Another super-practical version of ultra-soft chenille. Use it at home, take it with you on a trip, put it in a carry, cage or car! The lounger is easy to fold, store and transport. And, of course, it can be machine washed.

Micro Terry Midwest.jpg
Friends, which model do you like more? Tell us what kind of bed your dog has?

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