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Dogs are nannies. What are they like?

How do you imagine nanny dogs? Some will answer that these are wise dogs that partially assume the functions of parents, help in raising and caring for the child, protect him from dangers, and even teach him to walk. Others – more experienced – will say that they are born good-natured people who never harm kids, even if they accidentally offend them. But none of these statements is true. What kind of nanny dogs are they for kids? Let’s talk about this in our article.
Dogs have their own perception of the world, their own hierarchy and their own laws. Have you ever seen how dogs bring up puppies? They can punish them with a harsh growl and pat them at the withers, and biting during games is a common thing. Therefore, it is wrong to wait for a “human” treatment of a child from a dog. And it’s also wrong to assume that a dog will never snap on a child, even if he will squeeze her tail. Pets have their own feelings and feelings. They do not know and do not understand how to behave with babies, what is good for them and what is not. To explain this to them, as far as possible, the owners should.

There are dog breeds suitable for children. It is from them that the best “nannies” are obtained. However, the main thing is not the natural qualities of the breed, but the owner’s approach to education. And not only the dog, but also the child. What should be considered first?

Nanny dogs
Require according to possibilities
Do not expect the impossible from the pet. For example, that he will protect the child in your absence or will not let him go where it is dangerous. If you teach your dog not to let anyone near the child, she can aggressively react to someone else’s baby, which will suit yours on the playground. The same with dangerous places. When a child crawls into the water, the dog is not aware of the danger. After all, she herself floats beautifully! The pet will feel trouble and rush to the rescue only if the child begins to sink. Agree, it is better not to test this in practice.

Nevertheless, a dog can really help a lot to the baby and parents. You can teach her to keep her bag, bring scattered toys, ride children sledges, and just play neatly with the baby under your watchful eye. Communication with animals brings a lot of joy and is very useful for children.

Promptly vaccinate and treat the dog against parasites. This will protect her and your health!

Teach your dog to talk with the child, and the child – with the dog!
In society, dogs always build a hierarchy. Therefore, in no case should you punish and reprimand a child in front of a pet. Otherwise, the dog will decide that the baby is lower than her in the hierarchy, and will also undertake to teach him. Any attempt to snarl at the child should be stopped in a timely manner. Teach your dog to handle the baby with care: do not push or bite him during the game.

At the same time, teach your child to communicate with the dog. Tell us that you can’t be uncomfortable with her, pull her ears or tail, that she’s hurt. Explain what pinned ears or a wagging tail mean. Teach to understand the language of the pet.

If you have a miniature dog, inform the child that it is very fragile, that it cannot be thrown up, thrown onto the floor, etc. Carefully monitor how the baby treats the pet and adjust its behavior.

Nanny dogs for children
Teach your child to respect the dog. He must recognize the pet’s right to privacy and not disturb him while he eats or rests on his couch.

Give the dog enough attention
Even if a newborn has appeared in your family, you must not forget about the dog. This creature is full of love for you and constantly needs your attention. With the birth of a baby, the dog should not feel abandoned. Let your walks not be as long and active as before, but in no case should you isolate the dog from yourself. Otherwise, she will begin to get bored, jealous of you for the baby and will associate your sudden “indifference” with the baby.

Train your dog yourself
Education and training is a complex process that requires experience, and only the owner should deal with it. Do not let your child train a dog. Incorrect actions and commands, he will confuse her, and all your efforts to train will come to naught.

Nanny dogs
Teach your dog to children’s companies
If your dog is used to a quiet, homely atmosphere, it’s time to fix it. Children make a lot of noise. They laugh out loud, cry out loud, run out loud and play out loud. Gradually accustom your pet to noisy children’s companies. Do not block the dog in another room when guests come to you. Let them sniff them and watch the children’s game from a safe distance.

During games, a large dog may accidentally push a baby. Do not leave children with a dog unattended!

Encourage your child to take care of the dog
From childhood, teach your child to take care of a dog. Of course, it is still too early to fully trust him in the walks, but you can ask him to comb the hair under your supervision. Communication with a dog fosters a sense of responsibility in children, instills a love for animals, enriches the inner world and gives a lot of positive emotions.

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