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Master, can I eat a Christmas tree?

1. Artificial or real?

If you have a dog at home, an artificial Christmas tree is more suitable for you. Firstly, an artificial Christmas tree is not so pleasant to nibble as a natural one, and the dog will not try to eat it. Secondly, it is more durable, while the living one is most often installed in a bucket of water. Thirdly, artificial spruce trees do not crumble and do not stain the dog’s coat with tar. Fourth, they can be dropped as much as desired without much harm to the appearance.

A living tree always attracts the attention of a dog. Fragrant twigs and the trunk simply can not help but chew! But the spoiled tree in this case is far from the worst. Sharp needles and branches can injure the dog’s oral cavity, and once in the body, they will lead to intestinal obstruction.

How to protect the tree from the dog?
2. Where to put a Christmas tree?

A small Christmas tree is better to install in a place inaccessible to the dog. For example, on a high shelf. Then all problems will be solved! With a big bit more complicated. First of all, take care of a solid foundation so that the tree stands firmly. The most suitable place for the Christmas tree is the corner of the room. It is advisable that there are no objects in the vicinity that, in the event of a fall, the tree may touch and damage.

An original but very nice place to install is the covered balcony. The decorated Christmas tree behind the glass looks very beautiful. And most importantly, the tree (and the dog) is completely safe!

Many creative lovers put a Christmas tree in a cage (aviary) or wrap it with tape. Others do not even buy a tree, but simply draw it on the wall or create an application. Unleash your imagination: maybe it will tell you a useful and original solution on how to protect the Christmas tree from a dog.

How to protect the tree from the dog?
3. Choose unbreakable toys.

It is very important to correctly decorate the Christmas tree, which will be in the access zone for the pet. Do not buy glass toys: they break easily and crumble into small, sharp fragments. But textile, paper and wooden toys are a great option. Often they look even more comfortable than glass ones. With such toys, the tree will not suffer, even if the dog drops it several times.

Christmas tree rain is the main enemy for pets. Having played with a brilliant decoration, a dog can accidentally swallow it. And here you can not do without the help of a veterinarian.

4. And what about the garlands?

If desired, the garland can be used, but only if it is not damaged and not glued with electrical tape. It is better to wrap it tightly around a tree trunk. If the garland hangs freely from the branches and hangs, the dog will certainly pull on it.

Turn off the lights when you leave or go to bed.

How to protect the tree from the dog?
5. Dress the tree until the dog sees.

In any case, the dog will pay attention to the tree. Especially if you will hang toys and garlands right in front of her eyes. Interesting shiny jewelry in the hands of the owner is already regarded as an invitation to play. Not to mention the tree itself, which the dog associates with one big stick! Most likely, you will not even have time to hang all the toys – as the tree will already be on the floor. To moderate the interest of the pet, it is better not to install and decorate the Christmas tree with him.

6. We scare away from the Christmas tree!

If the dog is trying to eat Christmas tree or toys all the time, try using a special deterrent spray. You can buy it at any pet store. Just process the tree and watch the result. Do not overdo it and do not spray all the walls with a spray, otherwise the dog will not enter the room at all!

And one more trick: put an object on the Christmas tree that the pet is avoiding. This is usually a vacuum cleaner! The dog will try to stay away from him, and therefore from the Christmas tree.

Decorating a Christmas tree with cotton and candles is dangerous! The dog can eat cotton wool, and then intestinal obstruction is provided. And candles are a real fire threat. Be careful!

How to protect the tree from the dog?
7. Give new toys!

New toys, exciting games with the owner, funny walks will help to distract the dog’s attention from the Christmas tree. Almost all dogs prefer to chew toys with treats than Christmas trees. Active walks will allow you to direct energy in the right direction, so that when you arrive home, the happy pet will not rest, but rest.

8. Practice the command “Do not!”

The ban to approach the Christmas tree is another reason to work out the command “You can’t!” Raising a dog is considered effective when the pet follows the rules, and under the supervision of the owner, and without. If you informed the dog that it is impossible to touch the tree, and she did not touch it even while you were not at home – congratulations, you have reached the goal!

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