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How to choose a toy for a dog?

In one of our articles, we talked about why dogs need toys. The more toys a pet has, the happier it is. However, it is not enough to purchase a few different models. It is important to choose the right ones! Our tips will help determine which toy to buy a dog.
Why are special toys needed?
“My dog ​​enjoys playing with street sticks and rolls a children’s ball. She does not need special toys! ”, – such a statement can be heard from the newcomer owner. But experienced dog breeders and specialists from the zoosphere will answer in chorus that you only need to purchase toys from pet stores and only from trusted manufacturers.

Children’s toys and other items not intended for playing with the dog are dangerous to its health. Sticks from the street can be infected with parasites, pathogens and contain reagents. The balls, for example, are coated with paint and made of a material that should never be bitten or swallowed. Many items that are not intended for playing with the dog break down under the pressure of teeth on sharp parts and injure the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract. Filling stuffed children’s toys and various small details, the dog can easily swallow, which will lead to digestive upsets and bowel obstruction. Toxins and paint cause allergic reactions and poisoning. That’s why you need to go to a pet store for a toy for a dog!

How to choose a toy for a dog
Good manufacturers take into account the slightest nuances in their work to ensure the safety of the pet.

What toy to buy a dog?
In pet stores you will find toys for independent dog play and joint games with the owner. It is better to get a few, for all occasions. They are sure to come in handy!

How to choose a toy for a dog? Be guided not by your own sympathy, but by the characteristics of the model. Here are the main nuances to consider.

Suitable size
For small, medium and large dogs, toys of appropriate dimensions are produced. A dog can swallow a toy that is too small. And too large models exert excessive load on the jaws, deform and destroy them.

Optimal shape
The variety of forms of toys allows you to take into account the chewing habits of the dog and give her a truly perfect entertainment. Some pets prefer to drive and nibble balls, others prefer to get goodies from toy toys calmly and without haste, while others love to play tug of war with the owner. Determine what your dog likes!

Quality and safe material
Choose toys from high-quality safe material in which there are no toxins and other harmful substances. The material must be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the dog’s teeth, and at the same time plastic, so as not to injure the oral cavity.

What toy to buy a dog?
Matching Jaw Strength
Many manufacturers classify toys by dog ​​jaw strength. Pay attention to this characteristic. If your dog quickly chews toys, purchase more durable models. For dogs with very strong jaws, there are special anti-vandal toys.

Easy to wash
Some toys can be “washed” directly in the dishwasher, others just wipe with a damp cloth. And the third requires almost a professional dry cleaning service. If you are focused on long-term use and the type of toy is important for you, get models that are easy to clean.

Additional functions
What tasks should the toy perform? Develop smartness, maintain healthy teeth, improve fitness or something else? Pay attention to the dental, aquatic, intellectual, etc. toys. The choice is very large, and one toy can cover several dog needs at once.

Tell us which toys your pets like best?

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