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The world’s strongest dog toys

Each dog loves to gnaw bones and toys, but some in their talents go beyond all boundaries and try to try on the tooth almost everything that falls into their field of vision. In an attempt to protect furniture and favorite shoes from inevitable destruction, the owners acquire special toys for dogs. Unfortunately, most of them cannot withstand the onslaught of strong teeth for a long time and they quickly decay. For the constant replacement of damaged toys, no funds will be enough, and what about this situation?

Firstly, do not experiment with alternatives and do not offer dogs plastic toys and other objects that, under the pressure of teeth, can break apart and injure your pet’s mouth. This is an important point and should not be ignored. Contrary to stereotypes, giving the bones to the dog is also not recommended. When cracked, they crumble into small and very sharp plates, and the consequences can be most unpleasant.

Manufacturers of special toys for dogs come to the rescue of puzzled owners, offering a variety of ruggedized models with a long service life. And I would like to highlight a novelty separately – indestructible Zogoflex toys from West Paw Design. Why exactly them?

Dog toys
First of all, the manufacturer assures that not a single dog, even with the most powerful jaws, can destroy such a toy.

In support of its own words, the company gives a lifetime warranty on the entire range and provides a replacement for a damaged toy with a new one if the dog nevertheless performs an unprecedented feat. However, such cases are not yet known!

Zogoflex toys are made of non-toxic and completely safe materials; they do not crumble or break. A variety of models allows you to choose toys for every taste, both for joint games between the owner and the dog, and those with which the dog will play by itself.

Taking into account the individual characteristics of pets, all models vary in size and strength. In addition, they are multifunctional. For example, you can put treats for dogs in toys of the Tux and Tizzi series, and then they will be not only a useful subject for teeth, but also a real puzzle that will effectively develop the pet’s quick wit and resourcefulness.

Another series – Bumi – is designed specifically for joint games between the owner and the dog in the “tug of war”. This is a great way to maintain the overall tone and good physical condition of the pet. And also a new step on the path to mutual understanding, because joint games and the resulting positive emotions incredibly bring together!

The new Dash ™ Frisbee is also very popular. They have an aerodynamic design and fly perfectly, and thanks to the new shape with a hole in the center, they are very convenient to launch and hold in your hand. Durable, but at the same time soft, foamed material of the disk does not damage the gums and oral cavity of the dog.

By the way, you can safely take Zogoflex toys with you on a picnic by the water. They are made using the technology of injection of air into the material (Air Technology), and therefore they are perfectly kept on the water and do not sink, which allows you to further diversify the game.

Durable dog toys

In a word, this most durable chewing trainer for dogs is incredibly convenient and also economical.

Just imagine, you buy toys for a little puppy, and they serve him throughout his life, remaining as bright, durable and loved!

Do not forget that the presence of special toys in the house where the dog lives is not an excess and not a whim, but a necessity. They are an important component of all games, serve as a real salvation for the puppy during the change of milk teeth and, of course, protect an incredible amount of things from damage.

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