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Dog Transport Rules

How to transport a dog around the city or between cities? At least once in a lifetime, every dog ​​owner faces this issue.

It’s great if there is a large park for walking with a pet near the house, on weekends you can go out of town in your own car, and in the case of a vacation, relatives carefully look after the dog – then almost all the problems have been solved.

But what if there is no car (and I really want to take the dog out to nature), if there is no one to leave the pet with for the trip, or if you even planned a long journey? Of course, nothing is impossible, and in the transportation of dogs, both large and small breeds, there is no problem, you just need to familiarize yourself with the transportation rules in time and do everything right.

Transportation of dogs around the city by public transport
As for the transportation of dogs within the city, in each area its own nuances. As a rule, there is no hassle with pets of small breeds, they can be transported in special carriers. In the case of large dogs, everything is more complicated. In some cities, dogs of large breeds are generally forbidden to transport in public transport, in other cities transportation is allowed, but only if there is a reliable muzzle and a short leash. Unfortunately, transportation of large dogs in the subway is strictly prohibited, and neither a muzzle, a collar, or even an extremely cute muzzle of your pet will help you here! You will have to look for alternative transportation methods.

Standard documents for transporting a dog
If you need to transport a dog from point A to point B by plane, train or ship, the first thing you should do is to carefully familiarize yourself with the generally accepted rules of transportation, as well as the requirements of a particular transport company, as often individual carriers supplement the conditions and contribute their nuances.

The standard kit for the dog’s “travels” consists of a veterinary passport with the mark of vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments, a certificate of form No. 1 informing that there are no outbreaks of infectious diseases in the area from where the dog is taken, and the ticket itself. If your dog has not yet been issued a passport or you do not have a certificate of form No. 1, contact the veterinary station or the local veterinary clinic, having previously specified whether passports are issued in this clinic, since not all private clinics provide such services.

Of course, you need to apply for a passport in advance, at least a month before the start of the trip. If you have not vaccinated your pet, please note that before the trip the dog will have to at least get a rabies vaccination, as this is a prerequisite for transportation.

The incubation period after rabies vaccination is 1 month, which means that the dog can go on a trip only a month after the injection. In addition, the certificate of form No. 1 is issued only if there is a vaccination and is relevant for no more than 3 days, so it should be issued immediately before the trip.

Also, your pet must be treated for parasites!

Train transportation
In the passenger compartment it is allowed to carry a dog whose weight does not exceed 20 kg. If the dog will be placed in a special carrier, you do not need to buy a full compartment; you only pay extra for the place for the dog. If the dog is large or you are not carrying the dog in a cage / container, you will need to redeem all the seats in the compartment, which is very convenient when traveling with relatives or friends who will not mind your pet’s company. If you bought a compartment, you do not need to pay extra for the dog.

Also, large breeds of dogs with a leash and collar are allowed to be transported in specially designated vestibules. During the trip, the dog must be accompanied by the owner.

The cost of transporting your pet will depend on the distance of the journey. Guide dogs on trains are free of charge.

Air transportation
Air transport is not the easiest process. If you are flying to another country, be sure to check the rules for transporting animals from the host country. For example, many countries require the animal to be microchipped.

In addition, you need to know in advance all the detailed information about the transportation of your chosen airline. The rules are often changed and supplemented, so do not be too lazy to “measure seven times” so that unpleasant surprises do not meet you in the airport lounge.

Many airlines categorically prohibit the transport of animals in the cabin, even if the animal weighs less than 8 kg and is placed in a special container. Other companies allow the dog to be transported in the cabin if the pet weighs less than 8 kg and the dimensions of the container do not exceed 115 cm. In all other cases, the dog placed in the container is sent to the luggage compartment.

Carefully choose a container for transporting the dog. Many airlines have strict requirements for carrying, and your dog may simply be prevented from flying in the wrong carrier.


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