How to understand your dog?
Wagging tail. And let's start with the most recognizable sign! It is generally accepted that if a dog wags its tail, it means that it has a great mood. But…

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Diabetes in dogs
Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects both people and animals. The initial stage of this ailment often goes unnoticed, and the disease is diagnosed already in an acute form…

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How to choose a bowl for a dog?
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How to wean a dog to nibble things?

Get special toys and treats for dogs.
If your pet nibbles things and furniture from boredom, then you need to provide him with much more attractive items that will distract him from the destruction of the environment. Especially for these purposes, a huge number of different toys and treats for dogs have been developed. Be sure to get some toys for your pet – preferably very different, because treadmill dogs bored. In pet stores you will find toys for cooperative games between the owner and the dog, interactive toys for independent play and puzzle toys. For greater attractiveness, many toys include bone meal, wood shavings, etc., whose smell is very popular with dogs.

Quality dog ​​toys are completely safe. They will not only brighten up your pet’s leisure time, but also have a beneficial effect on his health. In no case do not offer the dog toys not intended for her. For example, children’s plastic toys, when exposed to teeth, break into sharp particles and seriously injure the dog’s oral cavity. And stuffing soft toys, once in the dog’s stomach, leads to indigestion.

How to wean a dog to nibble things
Treat the dog with special treats.
We all know that dogs love to gnaw bones. However, it is not recommended to give the usual bones to the pet. Under the influence of teeth, the bone breaks and damages the dog’s oral cavity. In addition, a sharp piece can get stuck in the throat and lead to serious consequences. But is it possible to deprive a dog of his favorite pastime? “Of course not, but as an alternative to bones, use special hard-to-crack treats for dogs that are safe and healthy for your teeth.” Such toy treats attract a dog with its smell and taste and at the same time serve a long and high quality.

Do not use personal items as toys.
Many owners tease the dog with slippers, and also use other personal items for games. In this case, do not be surprised that the dog got into the habit of chewing on your shoes, because for her there is no difference between an old slipper and a new boot.

Clean up valuables.
Leaving the dog in the house alone, play it safe and, if possible, remove valuable things that it can ruin. Try to abstract cables and outlets from your pet.

Use sprays.
If any objects cannot be removed, use a special dog repellent spray. Feeling an unpleasant smell, your pet will not want to approach the subject – and even more so to taste it!

Increase your walking time and make them more active.
So that the pet does not have the strength to rush about the apartment and taste all the surrounding objects, play along with it as you walk. Especially before you leave. In this case, upon arrival home, a tired and happy dog ​​will hasten to relax on his beloved couch, and will not take up the next pair of shoes.

Wean the dog nibble things
Train your dog in a cage.
Spacious dog cages, which are installed directly in the room, help solve the problem of spoiling things, and at the same time train the pet to the toilet. Contrary to stereotypes, when properly fed, the dogs feel completely comfortable in the cage and perceive it as their cozy doghouse. You simply put a comfortable couch and favorite dog toys in the cage, close the pet in the cage – and calmly go away on business, knowing that he and your things remain completely safe.

You need to train the dog to the cage gradually. Read more about this in the article: “Why is a dog cage needed in the apartment”?

Take care of the dog.
Teach your pet a Fu team. As soon as you see that the dog is about to gnaw an object not intended for these purposes, command “Fu!” Many dogs react sharply to sounds, and you can distract them from unwanted activities with the help of a loud clap. If the dog does not obey, you can proceed to the punishment, symbolically slapping her on the croup with a magazine rolled up into a roll.

Get another pet!
This sudden advice in practice is striking in its effectiveness. If your dog is sociable and friendly, she will be happy to find a new friend in the face of another dog or even a cat. Unless, of course, a potential friend will have the same friendly mood. Thus, the problem of loneliness and boredom during the absence of the owner will be solved 100%.

Be patient!
Remember the phrase that there are no bad students, but there are bad teachers? Of course, not everything is so categorical, but a well-bred dog is a good reason for the owner to be proud of his work.

Do not forget that the right approach and patience lead to amazing results, and mutual understanding and trust between the pet and the owner allow you to achieve real feats!

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