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How to transport a dog on an airplane?

Going on a trip with a four-legged friend or moving to another city, or maybe even another country? In this case, study the rules for transporting pets in advance, otherwise, without proper preparation, your entire enterprise may end at the border. Airlines refuse to fly due to seemingly insignificant flaws – and, unfortunately, this is a common practice. In order not to contribute to unpleasant statistics, arm yourself with the necessary knowledge in advance, and then the trip with your pet will be easy and comfortable. Our recommendations will help you with this!

Before buying a plane ticket, make sure that the airline allows the transport of animals and carefully read the rules. The fact is that they may differ depending on the carrier company.
Pay for your pet at the baggage allowance rate. Guide dogs are transported free of charge.
Fill out the necessary documents for your pet: a veterinary passport with current vaccination marks (vaccination must take place no later than 12 months and no earlier than 30 days before departure) and a note on chipping (if traveling to Europe). Depending on the country you are traveling to, the list of required documents may vary. For example, to enter Canada, you will definitely need a mark on the processing of external and internal parasites. Please check this information in advance.
How to transport a dog on an airplane?
Purchase a special carrier for transporting your pet on an airplane. This is a prerequisite for the flight. It is strictly forbidden to remove the pet from the carrier during the flight.
Pets are allowed in the cabin only if the combined weight of the animal and its carrying does not exceed 8 kg, and the sum of the length, width and height of carrying is up to 115 cm. In all other cases, the pet is transported in the baggage compartment (specify the criteria for your airline)

Carriers for transporting pets on an airplane (whether it is an airplane cabin or luggage compartment) must have the following characteristics:
– have a strong waterproof base that does not bend under the weight of the animal, but withstands it with a margin,

– possess a reliable lock that excludes accidental opening of the door,

– have ventilation openings in which the pet will not be able to stick its head or limb in,

– the carrying door must be metal,

– The carrying design must be reliable.

In addition, the carrying must be spacious enough so that the animal is comfortable in it and it can stand in it.

How to transport a dog on an airplane
Many carriers suitable for air travel have a special mark. For example, popular carry cases for MPS aircraft are marked with a yellow sticker with an airplane icon.

To make the pet easier to transfer the flight, do not feed it on the day of departure and do not forget how to walk it before leaving the house. Consult with your veterinarian about special sedatives for dogs. He will recommend a safe drug that will reduce pet stress.
We wish you a good journey!

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