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Basic rules for feeding a dog

Proper, nutritious nutrition is the key to the health of your dog, and it is the unbalanced diet that is the root of most ailments. If the dog does not eat well, its body does not receive the elements necessary for normal functioning, it is weakened and vulnerable to various diseases. While a well-nourished dog is always full of strength and active, it has strong immunity, excellent metabolism, healthy teeth, ears, hair and skin, it practically does not need complex care, since a healthy body naturally forms a well-groomed appearance.
The concept of “proper nutrition” includes not only a high-quality balanced feed, but also the optimal portion size, and the optimal daily amount of feedings, as well as the time and place of feeding.

Unfortunately, not all owners know that you need to feed the dog after a walk, and in no case before it, because for comfortable digestion, the dog needs peace, not active games.

The feed plate should be comfortable and preferably placed not on the bare floor, but on a special stand.

Ideally, the plate of food during feeding should be at the dog’s chest level so that your pet does not tilt its head too low and its posture does not deteriorate. If possible, get a stand with adjustable height, it is very convenient, since you can change the height of the stand as your pet grows. It is better if the food bowls are located in a cozy, calm place so that nothing interferes with eating. Do not forget that fresh, clean water should always be freely available for your dog. But half-eaten food must be removed so that the dog understands that it receives food only in the strictly allotted time for this.

Dogs are predators, not omnivores, as, for example, humans, and of course, the basis of the dogs ’diet is meat products. Food should be at room temperature, as hot or cold food can cause indigestion.

The main rule in the matter of dog nutrition: do not overfeed!

Mild malnutrition will not do any harm, while being overweight will cause you to feel unwell, worsen your dog’s health and short life. The correct meal is when the dog eats up all the food, licks the bowl with pleasure and calmly leaves it. If the dog spins around the bowl for a long time, carefully licks it and tries to pick up all the crumbs on the floor – the portion needs to be increased. Start making changes from the next feeding, do not report the food immediately, otherwise the dog will understand that she was given the supplement and will subsequently beg for it.

Never force a dog to eat.

If your dog refuses to take food, consider what might be the reason. The food may have deteriorated or the previous meal was too plentiful. Do not convince the dog to eat by bringing food in the palm of your hand, it is unlikely to resist the offer of a beloved owner, but if the dog has no appetite, then the body is better off without food. It’s okay if the dog skipped one meal and ate the next time. But if the pet missed two feeds in a row, without touching the food at all, then most likely it feels bad and it is necessary to identify the cause of the malaise.

How often to feed dogs?
It should be borne in mind that the diet for dogs of different breeds is also different. Detailed nutrition information is best clarified in the club of breeders of a particular breed and guided by the recommendations of professionals. In addition, observing the dog, over time, you will learn how to adjust the amount of food in accordance with the individual needs of your pet.

The number of meals during the day depends on the age of your pet. Puppies eat often – up to 6 times a day, while an adult dog needs only two or one meals a day.

Approximate correspondence of the dog’s age and frequency of feeding:

1-2 months – 6 feedings per day;
2-4 months – 5 feedings per day;
4-6 months – 4 feedings per day;
6-9 months – 3 feedings per day;
from 9 months and then 2-1 feedings per day.
Puppy feeding
The issue of feeding puppies has its own nuances. The diet of dogs up to 10 months. it is necessary to enrich with mineral fertilizing and vitamins so that the puppy grows strong and healthy. Tablets can be given by hand, placed on the root of the tongue, or added to food.

If possible, give the puppy a little bone meal daily (in the amount of ½ teaspoon per 10 kg. Weight), it is very useful for the body.

When purchasing a puppy, be sure to check with the breeder how often and what the pet was eating, since in the first days of your puppy’s stay you should provide him with the same nutrition as the breeder, even if it was not entirely correct. At first, the puppy should receive the food that is familiar to him, the transition to another diet should go gradually and almost imperceptibly, otherwise the puppy may begin to have serious ailments.

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