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Fitness with a dog

The best trainer is a dog! Surprised? But in vain. Daily walks with your pet can turn into an entertaining fitness – the best way to maintain excellent physical shape both in you and in your dog. Agree, training together is both easier and more interesting!

What kind of sport is suitable for dogs, how to get rid of excess weight with a pet and how to make a dog lose weight? About this in our article.

What is sport useful for dogs and their owners?
Our dogs suffer from a sedentary image just like us. Overweight with all the ensuing consequences causes significant damage to health, weakening the overall tone of the body and lowering immunity. It is proved that a lack of physical activity brings old age closer, while an active lifestyle allows you to extend the health of bones and joints, cardiovascular and other body systems. But before moving on to a joint fitness program, you need to learn the main rule: each of us is an individual. This means that sports and the intensity of physical activity should also be individual. For example, if for a border collie joint runs and agility will be a real paradise, then the French Bulldog will definitely not appreciate such an initiative. In addition to pedigree features, you must also take into account the age of the dog, its weight, physical fitness and health.
Fitness with a dog
When planning a training program, be sure to consider your individual characteristics and the individual characteristics of your dog. It’s scary if you can’t immediately switch to high loads. Much more important is consistency. Listen to yourself and your pet and move smoothly from simple to more complex. Remember that sport, first of all, should be fun, and that champions are not born, but become!

If you decide to go in for sports with your dog, the first thing to do is consult your doctor and take your pet for examination by a veterinarian. It is necessary to soberly assess the current situation (do you and your pet have excess weight, how many kg do you need to lose, are there any contraindications for health reasons, etc.) and correctly set goals. Joint fitness should benefit your health – and in no case, not vice versa, what can happen with an incorrect exercise program.

But all this is a theory, and now we turn to practice. What is fitness with a dog? What exercises will help you lose weight and keep fit in the future?

And we will start with … walking. Yes, yes, it would seem that no lesson is easier. However, the benefits of hiking cannot be underestimated.

Dog Walking – A Simple But Effective Fitness
Dog walking
Walking is an ideal exercise to promote good health. It allows you to:

– reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes,

– reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer,

– reduce pressure

– lower cholesterol,

– improve the emotional state,

– prevent osteoporosis,

– develop flexibility and coordination,

– and, of course, eliminate excess weight.

But how long does it take to walk? Optimal – from 30 minutes a day at a quick pace. Again, consider your own and dog’s characteristics. If you or your pet is out of breath, take a break and go to the slow step. Stock up on a pedometer and increase the duration of your walks over time.

Do not forget about proper nutrition. A balanced diet is an essential component of any fitness program.

If possible, change the terrain, walk on different surfaces: on grass, sand, shallow water … So you will not get bored with the usual landscapes, and the body will get an additional load.

And one more useful tip. Let the dog guide you from time to time. He wants to go faster – give way, wants to go around the obstacle – follow her. This does not mean that the dog should drag you along (in any case, you can control its movement with a leash), just let it set the pace.

It will be great if, having mastered walking in the nearby area, you will find the opportunity to periodically travel to nature. Long walks through the forests and along the rivers will benefit not only your form, but also your mood!
Jogging with a dog. From step to run
Jogging with a dog
When intense walking becomes insufficient, you can go for jogging. But be careful: not all dogs will like running. Check out your pet’s breed characteristics. Is he active enough for regular jogging?

As with walking, in running you need to develop smoothly. Quiet runs for a couple of minutes are enough for the test, but over time you will begin to master the bar a few kilometers away.

The dog should run near you on a harness or a special pull (it gives amortization and allows you not to pull the dog too sharply). If she is tired and trying to stop, give her a break, do not force her to do the exercise.

If possible, go jogging in picturesque places where there are no cars and crowds. It will cheer you up after a long working day.

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