How to bathe a puppy?
Depending on the size and your desire, you can wash your puppy in the bathroom or basin. The water level should not be too high. It is enough that it…

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Game Dog Training Method
Dog training is a responsible process that requires certain knowledge and training. The effectiveness of training directly depends on the correctness of the approach, on the ability of the owner…

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How to wean a dog to jump on the owner?
Everyone likes it when a dog cheerfully greets him from work. But if a four-legged friend shows excessive emotionality and strives to literally jump into the hands of the owner…

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Why do dogs need toys?

Many people believe that dogs need toys to have fun, but that’s not all. In practice, special toys for dogs perform a huge number of useful functions, without which a full healthy life of a pet is unthinkable. What are these features?

– Maintaining physical fitness.

Active play is the best way to maintain optimal dog weight. Unfortunately, pets are prone to gaining excess weight. And he, in turn, provokes serious diseases: heart failure, diabetes, joint diseases, etc. In order to protect the health of the pet, its shape must be monitored. Various frisbee, sticks, balls, tug ropes (for example, Petstages or Kong Safestix) – all these toys will allow you to engage the dog in an active game and satisfy its need for physical activity.

– Stimulating brain activity.

Dogs are very intelligent animals, and their talents can be developed almost endlessly. It is not enough to learn the basic commands and dwell on this. For a full life, the dog’s intellect must be engaged all the time, brain activity must be constantly stimulated. But this does not mean that the owner has to invent quests for the dog every day. It is enough to purchase a few special puzzle toys (for example, Zogoflex Qwizl), which will not only occupy the dog for a long time, but also teach them how to find solutions in unusual situations.

– Oral health.

Toys also help maintain healthy teeth, gums, and the jaw apparatus as a whole. In pet stores, you can easily find special models (for example, Finity Dog Chew) for strengthening the jaws, removing plaque, eliminating bad breath, etc.

Why dogs toys
– Meeting the need for chewing.

Absolutely every dog ​​loves to chew. This passion is inherent in nature. And if you do not provide your pet with special chewing toys, he will certainly find an alternative to them. For example, housekeeping shoes or legs of armchairs. Fortunately, the zoo industry in this regard has stepped forward and developed super durable toys that the dog cannot destroy (Zogoflex anti-vandal toys). You can chew them ad infinitum!

– Fighting stress.

Stress is present not only in people’s lives, but also in the lives of pets. Separation from the owner, the arrival of guests, fireworks outside the window, moving or a visit to the veterinary clinic are all powerful stress provocateurs for the dog. But a variety of toys come to the rescue, which distract the dog’s attention from irritating factors and give her pleasant associations. For example, several different toys will be a real salvation for a dog who is waiting all day for his beloved owner from work.

– Cell training.

A toy with a treat inside (Kong Classic) will help to accustom the puppy to the cage. It will ease the anxiety of the puppy in the process of training and will be an excellent taste encouragement.

Why do dogs need toys
– Establishment of a dog-master contact.

And one more important point. Joint play of the owner and the dog is the key to team spirit, friendship and trust. And without this, nowhere!

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