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Dog Heart Failure

Cardiovascular disease in dogs (heart failure, CVD) is a serious problem that leaves its mark on quality and life expectancy. What symptoms indicate an ailment, what causes the occurrence, what is the basis for treatment and prevention?

Conventionally, cardiovascular diseases are divided into three groups:

– congenital,

– hereditary,

– acquired.

Congenital pathologies are extremely rare, hereditary ones are already more common, and, finally, acquired ones make up the widest group.

How does heart failure appear in dogs?
If genetics plays a key role in the case of congenital and hereditary diseases, the main causes of acquired heart failure in dogs are an inactive lifestyle, being overweight, an improper diet, and also infections and parasites. Therefore, the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, in the first place, is based on a proper balanced diet, an active lifestyle, constant health monitoring, preventive examinations by a veterinarian and, of course, routine vaccinations.

Dog Heart Failure
Dog Heart Failure: Symptoms
The most common signs of heart failure:

– lethargy, drowsiness,

– fast intermittent breathing,

– cough, shortness of breath,

– lack of appetite,

– weight loss,

– fainting,

– rapid or slow heartbeat,


– cyanosis of the mucous membranes.

If one or more symptoms appear in a dog, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. A lot depends on the efficiency of the owner’s actions!

Unfortunately, heart failure is an irreversible disease that cannot be completely cured. However, thanks to the correct approach, the manifestations of the disease can be reduced so that they do not affect the quality of life of the pet.

Dog Heart Failure: Treatment
Therapy is based on such components as:

– Special diet. The quality of feeding directly affects the course of the disease. An unbalanced diet, leading to overweight and a lack (or overabundance) of vitamins, increases the load on the heart, which can become fatal in CVD. Choose only special super premium class veterinary diets for your dog whose action is aimed at maintaining heart function (e.g. Monge VetSolution Cardiac).

– Drug treatment and dietary supplements. Medicines are prescribed exclusively by a veterinarian. Treatment may be different depending on the picture of the disease, health status, age of the dog and other features. CVD therapy can be enhanced by the use of nutritional supplements. Their main advantage is a combination of effectiveness and the absence of contraindications and side effects. Discuss this with your veterinarian.

– Physical activity. Optimal physical activity is a reliable assistant in the fight against CVD. Especially loads are useful in the early stages of the development of the disease, however, an incorrect program will only aggravate the situation. When planning a dog regimen, you need to consult a veterinarian. It will determine the frequency and intensity of training for a particular dog.

Dog Heart Failure Prevention
– Continuous monitoring of health status. If the dog has CVD, the owner will have to take as a rule daily monitoring of her health and regular monitoring by a veterinarian. At home, it is necessary to control the respiratory rate and pulse of the dog. If the dog makes more than 27 respiratory movements (inhaling and exhaling is one respiratory movement) in one minute, you need to contact a specialist.

All these methods, combined with attention and care, will help make a dog’s life with CVD truly happy, despite all the buts!

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