From what age and how often to bathe a puppy?
At what age can a puppy be bathed? Perhaps this is one of the first issues faced by the new owner. The minimum age for bathing a puppy is 3…

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Mistakes in raising a dog
The owners often complain about the dog: "You train and train, but she is still old." Or they don’t complain, they simply declare that the dog is ill-bred, because she…

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Why do dogs howl?
Some owners complain that dogs howl at night. Others themselves have never heard a howling pet, but disgruntled neighbors convince the opposite. Still others, returning from work, do not have…

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generally accepted

What is dog training and how does it differ from training?

Training is a dry training of a dog for certain teams, including the very complex team cycles required in various professional fields.

Whereas upbringing is a broader concept, the purpose of which is to instill in a dog acceptable behavior in society. And if training takes only 4-5 months, then raising a pet takes his whole life, because throughout his life the dog will always learn something new, face different conditions, get into different situations, and the owner’s task is to explain to the pet, how to behave.
The essence of upbringing is not to teach the dog to automatically execute commands, but to convey to her an understanding of what is good and what is bad, what can be done and what cannot.

The main educational tool is voice and intonation, the main stimulus is delicacy. Physical action on the dog is allowed only when it is really necessary. The punishment should be symbolic, and not hurt the pet. Continue reading

Basic rules for feeding a dog

Proper, nutritious nutrition is the key to the health of your dog, and it is the unbalanced diet that is the root of most ailments. If the dog does not eat well, its body does not receive the elements necessary for normal functioning, it is weakened and vulnerable to various diseases. While a well-nourished dog is always full of strength and active, it has strong immunity, excellent metabolism, healthy teeth, ears, hair and skin, it practically does not need complex care, since a healthy body naturally forms a well-groomed appearance.
The concept of “proper nutrition” includes not only a high-quality balanced feed, but also the optimal portion size, and the optimal daily amount of feedings, as well as the time and place of feeding.

Unfortunately, not all owners know that you need to feed the dog after a walk, and in no case before it, because for comfortable digestion, the dog needs peace, not active games.

The feed plate should be comfortable and preferably placed not on the bare floor, but on a special stand. Continue reading

Dog Transport Rules

How to transport a dog around the city or between cities? At least once in a lifetime, every dog ​​owner faces this issue.

It’s great if there is a large park for walking with a pet near the house, on weekends you can go out of town in your own car, and in the case of a vacation, relatives carefully look after the dog – then almost all the problems have been solved.

But what if there is no car (and I really want to take the dog out to nature), if there is no one to leave the pet with for the trip, or if you even planned a long journey? Of course, nothing is impossible, and in the transportation of dogs, both large and small breeds, there is no problem, you just need to familiarize yourself with the transportation rules in time and do everything right.

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